About Van Remmen UV Technology

We are Van Remmen UV Technology, the supplier of clean solutions for the use, reuse and recycling of water. We do this with the help of reliable UV-C technology.

Our vision

Clean and safe water - we and nature depend on it. At Van Remmen UV Technology, we believe in a world where good, healthy and clean water is accessible to everyone. A world in which we are aware of the value of our precious water and appreciate it. Where we not only clean water, we also keep it clean. By remaining innovative, entering into partnerships with others in the water supply chain and sharing our many years of knowledge, this world is gradually becoming a reality.

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How it started

In the 1990s, founder Ton van Remmen saw first-hand the importance of efficient water use, during the various irrigation projects he worked on in different parts of Asia. There he discovered how you can help the local population boost agriculture using less water. He took these insights back to the Netherlands, where he founded Van Remmen UV Technology in 1999. Utilising UV-C technology, Van Remmen UV Technology is making a significant contribution to a better world. A world with clean and safe water that is accessible to everyone.

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We keep clean and safe water accessible to everyone with our powerful UV technology.

What we do

We specialise in designing and manufacturing UV disinfection systems and advanced oxidation systems for cleaning and maintaining water and other liquids.

With a passion for UV-C technology, we develop the most cost-effective solutions for various water issues in the market. All of our specialised systems include our unique, self-designed flow management system and energy-efficient low-pressure lamps. This ensures efficient energy consumption and minimal maintenance in all our high-quality systems. When it comes to disinfection, only one thing counts for us: certainty. In order to guarantee the best results, we therefore test the effectiveness of our systems with micro-organisms. This guarantees you top quality.

Application areas

Who we collaborate with

UV-C disinfection is one of the links on the road to clean, usable and safe water. By working together with others in the water supply chain, we can connect links and offer increasingly integrated solutions. We combine our knowledge of UV-C disinfection with innovative technologies and ideas from partners from all branches of the water supply chain. From policy maker to knowledge centres and from progressive water treatment specialists to technical service providers. All partners with unique qualities and expertise, but with a common ambition: working towards a world with clean, usable and safe water for everyone.

Would you like to work with us? At Van Remmen UV Technology, we are always open to new collaborations to close the clean water cycle. Feel free to contact us.


Who we are

We are the creators of advanced UV-C disinfection and oxidation systems for every water-related challenge. Distributors, dealers, installers or resellers, we are all driven to find the right UV-C solution with the best result for people, the market and society.

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