Our sustainable initiatives

Leaving the world better than we found it. That is what we are working towards. That is why we are making a number of sustainable choices in our own organisation.

Our trees

We have our own large orchard full of walnut trees. These trees absorb CO2 and improve biodiversity. Both above and below ground. We also plant new trees together with our customers and clients to ‘green’ the surroundings of companies.

Our office without gas

Our office is fully heated by a heat pump, ever since it was built in 2007. Moreover, the office is built in a sustainable way, with plenty of natural light. As a result, we hardly need any artificial lighting.

Our solar collectors

We generate our electricity with solar collectors next to our car park. The Suntrecs are placed on an innovative system that automatically moves with the sun, making them work optimally. The panels generate about 2,000 kWh per month, more than half of our consumption. We would like to expand this further in the future.

Our local products

We have a shared lunch with local products every day. For instance, our bread comes from the Bökkers Mölle , our cheese from De Kaasbaas and our fruit and milk from Van Vilsteren. In between, we drink 1000 & 1 equal opportunities coffee. This way, we contribute to the local economy and reduce the CO² footprint of our food.

Our makers

Our products are partly made possible by people with a distance to the labour market. In fact, the lamp cables are made at USVA in Haarle, a daycare institution for people with various disabilities.

Our materials

We use only high-quality materials, giving our systems a long service life. For instance, many systems from our early days (more than 20 years ago) are still in trouble-free use today. In addition, we use recycled materials in our products and packaging wherever possible. For example, our single-lamp control cabinets are made of recycled plastic.

Will you help us?

Do you have an idea that could make our organisation even more sustainable? Share them with us! We are always open to good ideas and new collaborations.