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Legionellaprevention in Artis Amsterdam

Legionellaprevention in Artis Amsterdam

Water atomization takes place in two locations in the zoo. As customers can come into contact with this water, Hellebrekers Technieken, in collaboration with Van Remmen UV Technology, installed an UV system for the purpose of legionella prevention.

Natura Artis Magistra is a national institute with citypark where people and animals come together.

Hellebrekers Technieken, installer of Dierenpark Artis and specialized in water treatment projects in zoos has installed two UV-disinfection systems. As visitors can come into contact with atomized water, there is a chance of legionella infection.

Application of UV technology is a suitable solution for Artis, as it is a reliable and safe form of legionella prevention for humans and animals.

In addition, the UV systems are also used for the disinfection of the water in the different animal homes. The animals remain healthy because the pathogens are killed in the water.

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