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Clear and safe fountain water

Clear and safe fountain water

Fonteintechniek Gruppen is using Van Remmen UV systems for the development of a wide range of fountains. The main reason to choose for UV is that clear and safe water can be realised.

John Oomkes (Fonteintechniek Gruppen), got the assignment of the Hoogeveen municipality to decorate the entrance of the shopping centre with fountains. The main objective of this project was clear and safe fountain water. Four basins with natural stones where installed next to the playground for children with varying rays.

The use of UV technology in combination with sand filters is according to John Oomkes a suitable solution to realize clear and safe water.
In the past, chemicals were added but nowadays this will no longer happen due to safety reasons. More and more basins require optimal water quality at all times. Van Remmen UV systems play an important role in the disinfecting effect of the UV light.

Fonteintechniek Gruppen develop fountains in all sizes. John Oomkes; “We used to work with another UV supplier, but we often did not get the customized solution we were looking for. Van Remmen was able to provide us with customized solutions. That is why we decided to collaborate with Van Remmen. They are a supplier focussed on quality and sustainability, what we really appreciate”.

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