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UV technology extends shelf life in the F&B

UV technology extends shelf life in the F&B

Industriële Diensten Heino (IDH) mixes and packages milk powder for children. They use UV disinfection systems to prevent microbiological (cross) contamination, extend the shelf life time and reduce loss and waste in their milk powder factory.

IDH was looking for a solution to keep their products, in this case tins, free of bacteria. Together with Van Remmen UV Techniek they looked for a solution. Now, they have implemented an ‘UV-street’ right before the tins reach the High Care Area. The challenge was to implement a solution without delaying the production process.

Packaging milk powder isn’t the simplest thing to do. Too much oxygen can spoil the powder, humidity has also a negative effect. Also contamination of bacteria can happen easily. To avoid this, the production and packaging at IDH is done with great care.

The milk powders are produced in confined spaces. However, the tins are delivered through the back door. How do you prevent that microbiological organisms, such as bacteria or molds, come into contact with the milk powder? IDH’s General Manager Erik-Jan Slotboom knew: “disinfection with UV-C light”.

Why UV-C disinfection?

UV-C disinfection only uses light to disinfect products, packaging materials and conveyer belts. Due to the fact that the disinfection process only happens with UV-C light, without chemicals, the product characteristics do not change. UV disinfection prevents microbiological (cross) contamination, extends the shelf life time and reduces loss and waste. The cassettes are designed according to the hygienic standards in the food and beverage market according to EHEDG standards. The product and all its’s features are conform hygienic standards. Teflon foil is used as a window to avoid using glass, which is prohibited for safety issues in the food industry. Teflon foil is hygienic and easy to clean.

“Van Remmen designed our own UV-street”, Slotboom explains. “Right before the tins enter our filling machine, they are disinfected with UV-lights. That seems pretty simple, but it isn’t. Every tin needs the same amount of radiation to kill microbiological organisms and the size of the tins varies. Van Remmen was able to provide us with a custom-made-solution to meet our needs and make sure that every tin has the right UV-C dose. After installation, Van Remmen tested and validated the custom-made surface disinfection system”. Slotboom appreciates the cooperation and was satisfied with the design process and the product as it is now.

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