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UV disinfection in a private pool

UV disinfection in a private pool

Private users also benefit from the Van Remmen UV disinfection systems for years. A family take advantage of the benefits of a UV+ system in their own swimming pool.

“Around ten years ago we had the plan to build an indoor swimming pool. We asked several parties for advice related to water treatment systems. The combination of disinfection by UV and chlorine appealed to us as our goal was to maintain the chemical consumption as low as possible. Van Remmen UV Techniek has supplied us with a system from the UV+ series.

This easy to maintain system ensures water of a good quality. We experience this system as very pleasant as we do not suffer from the side effects of chlorine such as the irritated eyes, skin and the well-known chlorine airways. They came up with a UV system appropriate to our wishes and suitable for our pool.”

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