Our smart UV-C systems have a higher energy efficiency than comparable technologies due to our unique, innovative design. We can thus offer you the best, cleanest and safest disinfection results.

The high-quality UV-C reactor design

At first glance, a UV-C reactor looks quite simple. But this simple-looking design offers a lot in return. The water enters the UV-C reactor on one side and comes out the other side. It seems simple, but there is a lot of attention paid and ground won in the details. In this tube, also called ‘the chamber’, there are powerful UV-C lamps that disinfect the water during the draft. We calculate exactly how that water runs past it using computer models.

When disinfecting liquids, only one thing counts for us: certainty. There should not be too much UV-C radiation because that costs unnecessary energy. But not too little either, because it must remain harmful to the micro-organisms. That is why we look for the ideal distribution of UV-C light. Ideally, each part of the liquid flow receives the same dose of UV-C light. This is difficult in practice because liquids have a preference for a certain flow direction. Two flows can be created in some reactors. A flow that chooses the fastest path and therefore doesn’t absorb enough UV-C light, and another stream that chooses a longer path and therefore absorbs an unnecessarily high dose of UV-C light. We have devised smart solutions for this in our innovative systems.

For the best disinfection results, we have developed our innovative flow plate. This is a simple-looking design that offers a lot in return.

Our innovative flow plate

We have designed our unique flow plate to ensure that UV-C doses are not too high or too low. This offers the best distribution of water and UV-C light. In places where water passes the lamps quickly, the UV-C intensity is high, and, in places where the flow is slower, the UV-C intensity is low. In terms of time and energy, the disinfection dose is approximately the same in both cases. This is a smart system that offers consistent performance in contrast to many other systems that do not guarantee an optimised light field and water flow. You can view the results in the graph below.

Low-pressure lamps

In order to make sure UV-C disinfection is also financially viable, we have focused on maximum effectiveness with minimal energy consumption. The choice of lamp is essential here. That is why we only use low-pressure lamps. These are highly energy efficient because they produce 3 times as much usable UV-C light compared to medium-pressure lamps, per Watt of energy. They are also less polluting due to their low temperature, they last twice as long as medium-pressure lamps, and they start up faster. Because low-pressure lamps only emit one wavelength, monochromatic light, there are no unwanted reactions and by-products.

Features of the low-pressure lamp:

  • Wavelength: Monochromatic, 253.7 nm
  • Power: 11-800 Watts
  • UV-C efficiency: 30-40%
  • Temperature: 40 to 90 C
  • Startup time: A few seconds
  • Service life: 8,000 to 16,000 hours

Features of medium- and high-pressure lamp:

  • Wavelength: Polychromatic
  • Power: 1,000 to 40,000 Watts
  • UV-C efficiency: 10-12%
  • Temperature: 600 to 900 C
  • Startup time: 2 to 5 minutes
  • Service life: 4,000 to 6,000 hours

Optimal use, low-maintenance

Nobody wants a disinfection system that requires a lot of maintenance. But everything does need to keep functioning properly. Our team has made every effort to make our systems as maintenance-friendly as possible. Each system is made up of robust materials and contains long-lasting lamps, and some systems even have an auto-clean function to keep the lamps and UV sensor clean. You only need to perform maintenance once or twice a year in order to use the system optimally. Our smart systems work with you. A reactor with a UV sensor monitors the light output. A reduced signal can indicate contamination and a need for disinfection. This is how we offer you the best support for your water disinfection system.

No room for waste

By using the energy of the lamp as effectively as possible, there is hardly any waste in our designs. Our systems are more economical and more financially viable than any other comparable system. Maintenance costs are also minimal due to the long service life of the lamps. Our reactors are always extensively tested and/or validated in accordance with NEN 14987, so our systems are proven to provide reliable disinfection.

Would you like to know more about the sustainable design of our systems, or are you interested in working with us to integrate these disinfection solutions even better? Please do not hesitate to contact us.