Research and Development

The experienced Research & Development team is driven to improve our products and to build on the latest developments in UV-C technology. Our versatile systems offer independent and integrated solutions for every application.

The epicentre of our knowledge

Do you want to be able to rely on the best and most efficient disinfection of your water flow? Together with knowledge institutes, water boards and other organisations, our R&D department investigates new possibilities to make our UV-C systems even better and more economical. To achieve this innovation, we have biological, chemical and technological experts in-house. Together we research ideas and water-related issues in the market. In addition to thorough literature research and practical research in our laboratory, we also conduct pilot studies and demonstrations on location. Extensive research to provide the water supply chain with the best UV-C support. To advance the market, we share our findings via our website and publications in trade journals and scientific literature.

As a technology leader, we make UV-C technology more accessible by sharing our knowledge. This is how we keep the water supply chain clean and safe together.

CB tests, research projects and pilot studies

One of the important tools used by our R&D department is the Collimated Beam (CB) test. This test determines whether the UV-C dose has the right effect on breaking down micro-organisms or chemical compounds. This means we can easily determine how effective UV-C light is and guarantee that our systems deliver the best results and meet the requirements of microbiological disinfection. The CB test is therefore the first step in our validation. It provides tested parameters that can be used in our computer modelling, product development and research programs. Knowing what UV-C can do is an important matter. The distinction that Van Remmen makes is that this is only a first step in a process in which the electrical behaviour of the lamps, the flow of the water and chemical/biological behaviour are all included in an integrated end product.

A CB test can also be the start of an advanced oxidation research (AOP) trajectory to measure the degradation of persistent micropollutants (such as antibiotics and pesticides). After an on-site pilot study, ideas are developed for a unique customised, full-scale UV-C or AOP system. Our R&D department provides reports of the completed study, validates where necessary and is involved in the delivery of installations and new techniques. Our versatile R&D team is also the right place for troubleshooting.


At Van Remmen UV Technology we do not shy away from a challenge. Are you looking for a suitable UV-C solution, or do you want to know more about this high-end technology? Please do not hesitate to contact our R&D department.

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