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Research & Development

Research & Development

Knowledge is the key to better products and sustainable solutions. That is why our Research and Development department works on employing and expanding our knowledge of UV technology every day. We're happy to explain what that means exactly.

R&D: the beating heart

Our R&D department is the beating heart of our knowledge. We’re always looking for possibilities to make our UV systems better, more efficient, cleaner, and smarter together with knowledge institutions, water management companies and industries. In theory but also by conducting practical disinfection, oxidation, and UV related electronics projects. Thanks to this, we have the biological, chemical, and technological know-how all easy to reach under one roof to innovate within our market. Our goal is to push the market ahead. That’s why we publish our findings via publications in professional magazines, mailings, and our website.

How do we work?

We tailor our researches to fit ideas and issues from the market. A researcher sets up a project. After extensive literary research, we move onto practical research in our lab, or we do pilot studies on location. We have a number of test installations for this purpose.

CB tests

An important tool for our R&D is the Collimated Beam (CB) test. With this, sample material is lit with known amounts of UV-C, after which the results are analysed. This clarifies how effective UV disinfection is. The CB test is the foundation of our validation, with which we can guarantee that our system meets the requirements of microbiological disinfection. In short: that we know for sure that a system does what it is supposed to do. That way you always know what you have.

A CB test can also be the first stage in research for advanced oxidation (AOP). With this, we measure the break down of specific, difficult to purify, pollutions. Examples are pesticides, medicine residue, and cyanide.

Pilot studies and reports

A pilot study generates ideas for a custom made UV or AOP system. It is first tested as a pilot system in our R&D facility and later on developed as a complete full-scale model.
R&D supplies reports of completed studies, applies that knowledge in design, validates when necessary, or is involved in commissioning installations including the new techniques.

But that’s not all they’ll do. Because troubleshooting is a part of our greatly appreciated knowledge department’s operations.

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