We guarantee reliable UV-C disinfection and oxidation processes with our in-depth knowledge of UV-C technology. Determining the right transmission is crucial here. It forms the basis for every application-oriented designed UV-C disinfection system.

Determine and monitor the correct transmission

The UV-C light must be able to penetrate the liquid well in order to reach and break down the micro-organisms everywhere. The correct transmission of a fluid, or light permeability, is therefore of great importance. The less light the liquid absorbs, the better the polluting organisms can be reached. A high transmittance means the light penetrates deep into the liquid and the further this light penetrates, the more water can be illuminated at the same time with the same power. The transmission is usually measured over a distance of 10 mm (T10) or 50 mm (T50) and the result is displayed in percentages, so with 90% transmission T10 90% of the light is transmitted through 1cm of liquid.

Due to our extensive knowledge of UV-C technology, we know that the right transmission is decisive for every water-related challenge. Together we achieve the most efficient disinfection systems for every water-related challenge.

The exact transmission of a liquid is impossible to determine with the naked eye, as we cannot see UV-C light. It is calculated as the fraction of the original light that passes through the liquid (I/I0). To determine or monitor the exact transmission of a fluid, we have RealTech transmittance meters in our range. These are available in portable and online versions.

Would you like more information about determining and monitoring the transmission of fluids, or are you interested in working with us? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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