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UV-C dosage

UV-C dosage

UV treatment is an effective and environmentally-friendly method to disinfect water, surfaces, and air. However, it is of great importance to determine the right dosage and the right transmittance values. We will explain what this means and how to do that.


UV-C light is automatically absorbed by micro organisms (bacteria, moulds, etc.). The goal is to have the UV-C light penetrate the organism and destroy it’s DNA from inside, so the organism is cracked and inactivated.

While all micro organisms are sensitive to UV-C light, the degree of sensitivity is dependant on their structure (core, cell wall, pigments, etc.). The less barriers the UV-C light needs to pass, the easier the UV-C light can disrupt the micro organism’s DNA. So, the structure of the organism is the deciding factor of the UV-C radiation dosage.

For organisms with high UV-sensitivity, the applied UV dosage is low, and vice-versa. Every micro organism has its own distinctive disinfection dosage. The dosage is shown in Joule per m2 (J/), millijoule per cm2 (mJ/c) or Watt Second per m2 (W s/).

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