In order to safely disinfect water or other liquids, determining the correct UV-C dose is important.

UV-C sensitivity

Are you looking for reliable solutions to keep your water safe and clean? Our high-quality UV-C systems are the ideal solution for this. The UV-C light from our systems penetrates the polluting microorganisms to powerfully break the DNA from within. This is how we clean every water flow, keeping water accessible to everyone. Although all micro-organisms are sensitive to UV-C light, the degree of sensitivity depends on their structure. The fewer barriers the UV-C light has to pass, the easier it is for the UV-C light to break down the DNA of the micro-organism. The structure of the organism therefore determines the dosage of UV-C light that is applied. For a high UV-C sensitivity, the applied UV-C dose is low; with low sensitivity the dosage is high. Each micro-organism has its own disinfection dosage. The dose is displayed in Joules per m2 (J/m2).

Due to our many years of experience with UV-C technology, we know how to determine the right UV dose for every water-related issue. This way unwanted micro-organisms are efficiently rendered harmless.

To keep water accessible to everyone, we are happy to share our versatile knowledge of UV-C technology with you. Would you like more information about determining the correct UV-C dose? Please don’t hesitate to contact our driven team.

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