At Van Remmen UV Technology, everything revolves around UV-C light. By means of this powerful UV-C technology, we can efficiently disinfect liquids and oxidise persistent micropollutants.

What is UV-C light?

Have you ever considered the importance of light for good water purification? Light is, in a scientific sense, electromagnetic radiation. There are eight spectrums of light, the most well-known being visible light, infrared and ultraviolet light. Infrared light or ultraviolet (UV) light are wavelengths that are not visible to our eyes. The colourful light that we see every day is therefore only a small part of all the light that exists.

UV-C is a powerful light source that cleans and keeps every water flow clean in our high-quality technology. This is how we find the right solution for your water-related issue

 Powerful disinfection with UV-C light

UV-C light is able to disinfect water, air and surfaces without the use of chemicals. The smell, colour, taste and composition of the liquid do not change due to UV-C disinfection. Micro-organisms are rendered harmless very effectively, even when these micro-organisms are resistant to chlorine, antibiotics or biocides. When UV-C light enters the cell of a microorganism, it breaks the DNA bonds in the cell, preventing it from multiplying further. Low-pressure UV-C disinfection is performed at a wavelength of 254 nm because DNA absorbs this wavelength of UV-C light best.

The versatility of UV-C

Ultraviolet light itself also has different spectrums. First of all, UV-A light, also known as black light. UV-B light gives you a sun tan in the summer. And finally, our UV-C light with a short wavelength between 200 and 280 nanometers. UV-C light is harmful to humans, but it is a very powerful, clean way to disinfect liquids microbiologically.

The advantages

Our strength lies in developing unique disinfection and oxidation solutions by using smart UV-C technology. UV-C disinfection can be used independently but can also be part of integrated solutions to make water accessible and (re-)usable. By entering into partnerships with others, we combine our strengths with advanced cleaning solutions for every water-related issue. The advantages of our versatile UV-C technology are:

  • UV-C light has no effect on the properties of the liquid such as smell, colour, taste or composition.
  • UV-C disinfection effectively renders micro-organisms harmless without using chemicals. No residue is left behind.
  • Besides disinfection, UV-C technology can also be used to break down organic and inorganic components in the water, such as chloramines, (volatile) solvents, organic contaminants, pharmaceutical residues, antibiotics and pesticides.

Do you want to know more about UV-C light and the technology behind UV-C disinfection, or are you interested in working with us? We are always open to new partnerships.