Together for clean, safe water

UV-C disinfection is one of the links on the road to clean, usable and safe water. By entering into partnerships with others in the water supply chain, we can connect links and offer increasingly integrated solutions. That way we really make an impact.

We combine our knowledge of UV-C disinfection with innovative technologies and ideas with partners from all branches of the water supply chain. From policymakers to knowledge centres and from progressive developers to technical service providers:

Knowledge partners

By sharing knowledge, research and new insights, we take the water sector one step further together with knowledge partners.

Market partners

By combining knowledge and technology with market partners, we develop better, integrated solutions that mean more to customers.

Chain partners

By joining forces with chain partners, we are working towards an efficient, healthy and safe water supply chain.

Interested in working with us? At Van Remmen UV Technology we are always open to new partnerships to ensure a clean water cycle. Please do not hesitate to contact us.