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Product series overview

Product series overview

Are you looking for the most profitable UV disinfection solutions? Here you will find an overview of our various series.
You are not sure or there are no solutions listed for your issue? Feel free to contact us, as we also develop custom solutions.

Waste series

The W-series is suitable for disinfecting waste water and recycling streams.

Validated series

The Validated series is a widely applicable system for disinfecting water with high transmittance.

UV+ series

Our UV+ series is specially designed for improving the water quality of smaller pools.


We have various Realtech transmittance meters in our collection to determine the transmittance of liquids.

Swimming pool Intelligent series

The Swimming pool Intelligent series is specially designed for the disinfection of swimming pool water for public pools.

Surface Disinfection series

The Surface Disinfection system disinfects surfaces for products, packaging, and conveyor belts.

Rolling Stock series

The Rolling Stock series disinfects potable water on trains.
Surface Disinfection series

Process series

The Process series is an all-round system and useful for a wide array of applications

Low Transmittance series

The Low Transmittance series disinfects liquids with an extremely low transmittance.

Legionella-Safe series

The Legionella-Safe series is the user-friendly guardian in legionella management.

Custom / OEM

For problems that don't have solutions just yet, we will work together with our clients to find a fitting disinfection method.

Certified series

The Certified series is developed to provide solutions in case certificates are required.

Agri series

The Agri series was designed to support the irrigation industry with disinfecting irrigation water.


Advanox is the advanced oxidation solution (AOP) by Van Remmen UV Technology. Advanox combines UV-C light with hydrogen peroxide to destroy persistants micropollutants and pharmaceuticals effectively.

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