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Advanox is the advanced oxidation solution (AOP) by Van Remmen UV Technology. Advanox combines UV-C light with hydrogen peroxide to breakdown persistants micropollutants and pharmaceuticals effectively.

Advanced oxidation solution (AOP) from Van Remmen UV

Custom solutions

In collaboration with research and engineering partners, we are working on expansions of the AOP concepts that are currently used for reduction of TOC, cyanide, pesticides, medicine residue, X-Ray contrast liquids, and antibiotics. Thanks to this we have the ability to design a system in such a way that it will always have an optimal result in resolving your issue.


Advanced oxidation is used to break down pesticides in irrigation water in horticulture, to break down medicine residue in waste water or in water that is processed into drinking water and reducing organic matter (TOC) in process water, waste water, or ultra pure water. Advanced oxidation purifies water and results in no “disinfection by products”, like chlorine does.

Our partnership with Nouryon

Van Remmen UV Technology and Nouryon work together and combine expertise in the fight against pharmaceutical residues and other micropollutants in our wastewater. In this effective process we work with the combination of UV-C treatment process of Advanox™ and MicrOx™ hydrogen peroxide (H²O²).

The process was tested in the summer of 2019 at the Växjö wastewater treatment plant in Sweden for the removal of pharmaceuticals.

Our chain partners


Discharge water

Affordable, robust and efficient removal of plant protection products with national Dutch (BZG) approval for discharge and 99,5% removal of Imidacloprid.

Hospital wastewater

Innovative combination of Ozonation and UV-C light for superior removal of pharmaceuticals and contrast agents from their wastewater to unburden site and environment.

Pretreated wastewater

Efficient removal of micropollutants and sanitation of SWTP effluent on a key location in the water cycle with high positive impact on water quality, environment and surface water.

Drinking water & (ultra) pure water

For less than 5 eurocent per cube of treated water more than 90% of micropollutants removed in a single step without by-products.

Process water

Robust and compact treatment that removes industrial pollutants without worries and reduces discharge cost. The easiest step to a greener process.


Compact, mobile and flexible. One or more sources with excesses in (micro)pollutants? With Advanox you have a mobile fleet that solves these quickly.

Surface water

Improvement of water quality and ecological health in one quick and compact step. Pesticides, algae or (illegal)discharges; Advanox can help you.

Pool water

Reduce bound chlorine, THM and (micro)pollutants in one simple compact step with added sanitation of your pool. Advanox is the next step in pool water treatment.


Case: AOP – Cyanide removal

Cyanide removal as an alternative to classic wet chemical water treatment

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Case: AOP – Removal of benzidine from groundwater

Benzidine removal from groundwater

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Case: AOP – Removal of pharmaceuticals | Drinking water

Removal of pharmaceuticals from drinking water

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Case: AOP – Removal of pharmaceuticals | Waste water

Removal of pharmaceuticals from waste water treatment plant


Case: AOP – Removal of pharmaceuticals and mico-pollutants | Several water flows

Removal of pharmaceuticals and micropollutants from several water flows

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Case: AOP – Removal of plant protection products (collective)

Removal of plant protection products from drainage water in a collective horticultural area.

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Case: AOP – Removal of plant protection products (individual)

Removal of plant protection products from drainage water in a collective horticultural area.


Reference Case: Chlorinated organics removal swimming pools

Swimming pools are always aspiring to have as good water quality as possible for their visitors. Continuous disinfection is a well-known necessity, but part of keeping good quality is also to avoid the build-up of contaminants due to savings in water supplementation, such as bound chlorine, halogenated organics and micropollutants.

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Reference Case: Cyanice removal Lanxess

Traditionally wet chemical processes are used to remove cyanide from water streams often with hypochlorite. These processes create potentially toxic compounds (AOX) and have a low sustainability score coupled with relatively high operational cost.

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Reference Case: Removal of pharmaceuticals from wastewater in Sweden

Increasing numbers of pesticides and other micro pollutants enter our water cycle with our waste water. Dutch horticulture is proven to give the highest yields per square meter couple with the lowest water and pesticide use in the entire world.

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The Advanox™ process – A partnership between Nouryon and Van Remmen UV Technology for clean and safe water

The motivation driving us forward in the water treatment techniques called Advanced Oxidation Processes lies in the health of humans and the environment, clean water, and a happy earth.


Pilot research for pharmaceutical-free water with Advanox™ in Sweden

Medicine and hormone removal from wastewater

ADVANOX™ This is how it works

  1. Waste water from households, hospitals and industry is discharged into the sewer system or environment.
  2. If this water is treated many of the (micro)pollutants are not removed and the biology used may even become resistant. Because of this we see these compounds increase in the environment, but also the resistance of pathogens to them.
  3. Advanox sanitises the water killing resistant organisms and removes pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other substances of (high) concern.
  4. Now the water can be discharges freely and safely, because (micro)pollutants are removed, without ecological impact for a sustainable business and water cycle.


Label for Advanox Flow
Advanox Flow

Our biggest and most efficient reactor with optimal removal on high quality water.

Label for Advanox Focus-130
Advanox Focus-130

Optimised single lamp reactor with integrated mixing and dosing for Advanox on medium quality water.

Label for Advanox Focus-200
Advanox Focus-200

Optimised single lamp reactor with integrated mixing and dosing for Advanox on high quality water.

Label for Advanox Focus-90
Advanox Focus-90

Optimised single lamp reactor with integrated mixing and dosing for Advanox on low quality water.

Label for Advanox Precision
Advanox Precision

Our other big one, this one is optimised especially for lower (surface/waste) water qualities.

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