A powerful system designed especially for the agricultural sector.


Maximum support for the irrigation sector

The Agri series stands for robustness and minimal maintenance. This series has been specially designed to provide maximum support to the irrigation sector for the disinfection of irrigation water. These powerful systems in this series guarantee optimal disinfection, even in cloudy water. The system keeps itself clean with the self-cleaning function. By using low-pressure lamps with a long service life, maintenance is minimal and energy consumption is low. The result is high-quality equipment for the agricultural sector.

General features:

– T10: approx. 40-80%
– Reliable, effective disinfection
– Low-maintenance
– User-friendly
– Energy-efficient
– Long service life and high efficiency due to the use of low-pressure lamps

Technical features

– High IP-class control box (IP56)
– Automatic cleaning system
– Monitors UV-C intensity and temperature
– PLC control

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Application areas

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