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Certified series

Certified series

The Certified series is developed to provide solutions in case certificates are required.

Productlabel - Van Remmen UV Technology

Product specifications

Our Certified series gives water with a transmittance of 80% to 99% the quality and security of drinking water. All types of systems from this series underwent an extensive certification process to guarantee quality.

The Certified series meets the CEN EN 14897:2006 and it is NIPH (Norwegian Institutian of Public Health) certified.

The appropriate UV dosage is determined by linking the accurately measured UV intensity with the simultaneously measured flow. If this dosage is insufficient, the process can be altered to ensure that the desired or required UV dosage is reached. When this cannot be reached by adjusting the flow, the water stream is shut off to assure that not a single drop will pass without the correct UV dosage.

Depending on the water transmittance volumes of 3.6m3/h up to 134m3/h, can be treated with a dosage of 400J/m2.

General characteristics

– Reliable and effective disinfection
– Low maintenance
– Easy to use
– Energy efficient
– Low-pressure lamps with a long lifespan and high UV-C efficiency.

Specific characteristics

– Certified according to CEN EN 14897:2006 and NIPH
– KIWA ATA assay-mark
– UV sensor for dosage monitoring


Example: Process water

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