Legionella Safe Dual-series

An efficient, user-friendly system for combating legionella


The Legionella Safe Dual series is a user-friendly gatekeeper for legionella prevention in your organisation. The entire renewed series is certified according to the revised BRL 14010-1 (Aug 2021) and can therefore be used in collective drinking water installations. One Legionella Safe Dual system can treat 2.1m3/h up to 35m3/h of incoming water. With our high-quality equipment, you not only prevent legionella contamination, you also have a sustainable solution that cuts maintenance costs and energy.

Our various Legionella Safe Dual series

The Legionella Safe Dual series is a two-fold system. This means that in the event of a malfunction or maintenance on one of the UV systems, the water supply is still guaranteed and 100% of the water flow is still treated. Using the operating instructions provided, the system can be integrated into the Legionella prevention plan in accordance with BRL 1401-01.

General features:

– Reliable, effective disinfection
– Compact installation dimensions
– Low-maintenance
– User-friendly
– Energy-efficient, due to flow management system
– Long service life and high efficiency due to the use of low-pressure lamps

Technical features

– Certified according to latest BRL 14010-1 (Aug 2021) and validated according to European drinking water standards NEN-EN 14897
– Minimum Log 5 reduction of legionella/400 J/m2 doses/for transmission ≥85% T=10mm
– Continued safeguarding of UV-C intensity and temperature
– Optional: Online UV-C dose monitoring

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