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Rolling Stock series

Rolling Stock series

The Rolling Stock series disinfects potable water on trains.
Surface Disinfection series

Productlabel - Van Remmen UV Technology

Product specifications

Potable water that is stored in supply buffers on trains is at risk of being polluted. The Rolling Stock series disinfects this potable water shortly before use to ensure microbiologically safe potable water. The Rolling Stock series meets all market standards, such as shock and vibration resistance, and the deployment of special cables. This series has been validated according to the NEN-EN 14897 standard and the disinfection performances of the UV systems have been measured. This is shown in the capacity-transmittance graph below.

General characteristics

– Reliable and effective disinfection
– Low maintenance
– Easy to use
– Energy efficient
– Low-pressure lamps with a long lifespan and high UV-C efficiency.

Specific characteristics

– Microbiologically validated according to NEN-EN 14897
– Conform Shock and vibration tests according to EN50155 EMC EN61373
– Use of Low smoke-cables


Example: Disinfection of water reservoirs

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