Swimming pool-series

For guaranteed disinfection and reduction of bound chlorine levels in the water in public swimming pools


The Swimming pool Intelligent series is specially designed for the microbiological disinfection of water in public swimming pools. The equipment has a range of approximately 56m3/h up to and including 414 m3/h based on a dose of 400J/m2 with a transmittance (T10) of 95%. The system has been tested in accordance with the NEN-EN 14897 standard and measurements have shown that our equipment guarantees disinfection and strongly reduces bound chlorine levels. You also save on top-off water, energy and use of chemicals with the Swimming pool Intelligent series.

General features:

– Reliable, effective disinfection
– Low-maintenance
– User-friendly
– Energy-efficient, due to flow management system
– Long service life and high efficiency due to the use of low-pressure lamps

Technical features

– Flange sizes adapted to standards for public pools
– Pressure drop is less than 0.1 bar
– Air vent and drain valve
– Monitors UV-C intensity and temperature

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