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Validated series

Validated series

The Validated series is a widely applicable system for disinfecting water with high transmittance.

Productlabel - Van Remmen UV Technology

Product specifications

We developed the Validated series to ascertainably reliably disinfect water with a transmittance between 80% and 99%. With this we created a widely applicable system that for instance can be used for the potable water market, the processing industry, shipping, utility building, and installation engineering.

By performing a validation according to the NEN-EN 14897 standards, the disinfection achievements of Validated systems are measured and guaranteed.

Depending on transmittance, volumes of 0.6m3/h up to 148m3/h, can be treated with a UV-C dosage of 300J/m2.

General characteristics

– Reliable and effective disinfection
– Low maintenance
– Easy to use
– Energy efficient
– Low-pressure lamps with a long lifespan and high UV-C efficiency

Specific characteristics

– Validation according to NEN-EN 14897
– KIWA ( watermark ) K81320


Reference: Holland Marine Services Amsterdam (HMSA)


Reference: Gruppen Fonteintechniek


Example: Artis

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