Agricultural sector, greenhouse horticulture and fish farming

Grow purified products with a reliable water irrigation system

As a business in the fish farming industry, agriculture or horticulture, you want to supply a reliable product while consuming as little energy as possible. This requires efficient water reuse, water safety and water use in irrigation systems, as well as minimal and effective use of pesticides. Van Remmen UV Technology is the right source for ensuring clean and safe production processes in fish farming, agriculture and horticulture.

70% of all fresh water is used for agriculture. Our high-quality technology saves water and costs through efficient water consumption.

Disinfection and oxidation processes in the horticultural and agricultural sector

Our UV-C systems disinfect surface water for irrigation systems and water in ebb and flow systems. In collaboration with Ridder Growing Solutions, we have designed a certified system (‘VitaLite’) that combines UV-C and hydrogen peroxide to drastically reduce the level of plant pesticides in the water (‘CleanLite’). This means you meet our duty of purification, and you can grow pure products efficiently and reliably with your irrigation systems.

Delivering quality

The aquaculture sector is growing rapidly due to increased demand for fish, shrimp and other seafood. In order to keep delivering quality, it is important to combat/prevent diseases. Our advanced UV-C systems give the best results without using chemical additives. You are guaranteed top quality with our UV-C disinfection.

To enable us to offer integrated solutions in the water supply chain, we are always looking for partners with whom to join forces. Are you interested in collaborating, or would you like to know more about UV-C disinfection and advanced oxidation processes for irrigation systems? Please feel free to contact us.

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