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Food & pharmaceutical industries

Food & pharmaceutical industries

For food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, reliability and hygiene are crucial. You want safe products that last long and are produced efficiently. We have developed disinfection systems to cover all applications in the entire production process.

Food and pharmaceutical industries

UV disinfection in production

During the production process of food, drinks, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals the risk of contamination is evidently present. The product is not only produced, it is also packaged and transported. We developed UV disinfection systems for the entire process to ensure safe, hygienic, and efficient production. We disinfect the water, packaging material, the production equipment, the transport systems, and – of course – the product as well. Without additives, without chemicals, and as such keeping all other qualities intact.

Gentle and safe

Our UV systems for liquids and surfaces are user-adjusted. That means that our systems are user-friendly, have a low maintenance need and are very energy efficient. Given our validation you will also always know how the system performs. That is how we enable you to produce safe products at low rates.

Advanced oxidation

We also disinfect/improve waste water for the food, drink, and pharmaceutical industry with the intention to “upgrade” it to make it reusable. We do this via advanced oxidation.

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