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Maritime & Offshore

Maritime & Offshore

So much water around you, but regrettably it is not the right quality. The Maritime and Offshore requires very specific UV solutions for reliable drinking water, safe waste water, and disinfected swimming water.

Maritime & Offshore

Water at sea

On a ship or platform you’ll see billions of litres passing through every day. Sadly, seawater does not have the same quality as service water. Water at sea requires specific treatments. A first requirement is safe and reliable potable water for staff, contractors, and guests. Waste water must meet discharge rules and limits. Swimming water for recreational purposes, such as swimming water on cruise ships, must be bacteriologically sound. That is how you prevent a negative aftermath to your guests’ watery fun.

Potable, process, and waste water

Van Remmen UV Technology can boast its years of experience in the Maritime and Offshore industries. Our UV-systems have been the go-to method for disinfection of potable, process, and waste water on oil platforms and ships for example. Additionally, we meet industry specific requirements such as NIPH, DNV and Ex. That way you are assured of safe water at sea.

Swimming water

For swimming water disinfection we developed a very efficient system. This system improves the microbiological quality of swimming water, but also supports the breakdown and limitation of bound chlorine. That way your guests can enjoy safe swimming water, without irritating eyes, skin, or airways. In short: ultimate underwater fun for your guests.

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