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Process water, water recycling- and saving

Process water, water recycling- and saving

The costs for water purification and water emissions are rising continuously for industrial companies. At the same time, quality requirements are becoming stricter and stricter. Van Remmen UV Technology enables industries to use water safely and smartly with its custom-made UV solutions.

Process water, water recycling- and saving


The laws and regulations regarding water usage in industries is continuously becoming stricter. Costs rise and quality requirements become stricter. Disinfection may be mandatory, or post-treatment may be requested to decrease biological oxygen use, chemical oxygen use, or specific micro pollutions.

Smart solutions

With all these developments, a smart treatment of your water is increasingly important. We offer custom UV disinfection systems for the processing industry. Thanks to UV disinfection, you are able to save and reuse waste water, chemically and microbiologically polluted water, cooling water, and product water. That will save you money and lead to more efficient use of resources.

Advanced oxidation

Along with the use of UV, with which you can make water reusable, we have a number of advanced oxidation solutions (AOP). This combination of UV with peroxide or ozone breaks organic components down to smaller, biologically more easy to break down, molecules or carbon dioxide and water.

We are experienced in advanced oxidation technology and closely involved with developments in UV oxidation techniques. In collaboration with research and engineering partners, we have solutions for expansions of the AOP concepts that can be applied in lowering TOC concentrations, cyanide, pesticides, medicine residue, X-Ray contrast liquids, and antibiotics.

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