Process water, water reuse & water conservation

Industrial water treatment for process manufacturing

Our water is becoming more polluted, and it is increasingly difficult to clean and maintain. Yet we often do not yet have a sense of urgency relating to the reuse of water in smart ways. The laws and regulations for water use and water discharge in the industrial sector are becoming increasingly strict. Our innovative UV-C systems are the ultimate solutions for this challenge and enable industries to solve specific water treatment or water reuse issues in a smart way.


As a technology leader in the water supply chain, with smart UV-C disinfection and advanced oxidation, we are able to reuse water in the process or return it to nature in an equally clean state.

Customised solutions for smart industrial water treatment

Developments in the industrial sector demand advanced, industrial UV-C water treatment systems. Customised UV-C disinfection systems save and reuse water, cooling water and process water in process manufacturing. Our UV-C disinfection processes also enable waste water to be reused. Utilising resources more efficiently and cutting costs at the same time.

Specialist in advanced oxidation processes

In addition to our high-quality UV-C disinfection systems, we also offer various advanced oxidation solutions. Further cooperation in the water supply chain means we can maintain a clean water cycle together. We have joined up with several research and engineering partners to deploy our advanced oxidation systems for the reduction of TOC, cyanide, pesticides, drug residues, X-ray contrast agents and antibiotics. We actively develop UV-C oxidation techniques and are therefore able to help provide suitable solutions for every water-related issue. We are always open to new collaborations to make water usable and accessible with our UV-C solutions.

To enable us to offer integrated solutions in the water supply chain, we are always looking for partners with whom to join forces. Are you interested in collaborating, or do you want to know more about our smart (industrial) water treatment systems? Please feel free to contact us.

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