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Swimming pools & recreation

Swimming pools & recreation

When you think of recreation, water is one of the first things to come to mind. Nothing is more relaxing than floating around in water. Ensuring that this water is of optimal quality, however, requires proper control and management. Our systems help with that.

Swimming pools & recreation


Swimming pools, water parks, wellness centers; they all use water for fun, relaxation, and sport. This means thousands of visitors who all want to enjoy the water. Every one of them leaves microbiological traces in the water. Appropriate monitoring and treatment of the water is necessary to prevent that this pollution affects water quality.

A combination of filters, chlorine, and UV disinfection ensures bacteriologically healthy swimming water.  All microbiological pollutions, even chlorine resistant bacteria, can be removed like this.

Reduction bound chlorine

Along with microbiological pollution, our systems also reduce the level of bound chlorine in the pool. Chlorine is a good disinfectant, but when it binds, it causes stinging eyes, chlorine scent, and irritating coughing. With our systems, your visitors can enjoy the water without those unpleasant extras.

Custom UV solutions

Our UV-systems, the Swimming pool Intelligent (Si) systems, distinguish themselves with their low operational costs and reliability. For every swimming pool. We have developed UV solutions for large scale swimming facilities, but also for private pools.  That way we always have a custom solution.

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