Swimming pools & recreation

Water treatment in swimming pools for leisure, fun or sports

Remove bacteria and prevent deterioration of the water quality standards in your swimming pool with our reliable UV-C disinfection installations. Contaminated pool water can cause health problems. By making good use of the right technology, you can count on safe water in the swimming pool. Efficient water treatments in the swimming pool guarantee optimal disinfection so that you can enjoy the water without having to worry.


Our UV-C disinfection solutions provide the best results and prevent unwanted by-products that can be harmful to your health.

Customised swimming pool water treatment

Swimming pools, water parks and wellness centres use water for their leisure facilities. Every person leaves behind microbiological traces in the water. To prevent the water from becoming polluted and others from being able to enjoy it, good monitoring and water treatment in the swimming pool is necessary. A combination of filters, chlorine and UV-C disinfection ensures bacteriologically healthy swimming water. Our UV-C systems disinfect recreational and swimming pool water, remove chlorine-resistant bacteria and thus ensure top-quality water for swimming. We develop UV-C disinfection systems for large-scale swimming facilities but also for private swimming pools. We thus always offer the most efficient water treatment that meets all the necessary requirements.

Chlorine level

Chlorine is a good disinfectant, but when it binds with organic pollution in swimming water, it causes a stinging sensation in the eyes and other physical discomfort. Innovative UV-C disinfection processes control the concentration of bound chlorine in the swimming water, meeting the new requirements set by the Environment Act as of 1 July 2022 for swimming water and air quality. This means you can enjoy the water without having to worry.

To enable us to offer integrated solutions in the water supply chain, we are always looking for partners with whom to join forces. Would you like to collaborate, or would you like to know more about water treatments for swimming water? Please feel free to contact us.

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