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Transport & storage

Transport & storage

Water from the tap is potable and usable. At least, that's what we're used to. However, that is much less common with transport and longer storage. With specialised UV systems, clean water becomes an option for mobile situations too.

Transport & storage

Water on the go

In the transport industry, water is often stored in supply tanks, buffers, or storage tanks. Think of ships, trucks, trains, or offshore. When water is stagnant for longer periods of time, it can get contaminated by airborne bacteria. This is undesirable of course, because the water has to be safe for later use as well.

Rolling stock

To make safe water at mobile locations a possibility, we developed a specialist UV disinfection system called the Rolling stock systems. Units from the Rolling Stock series purify water for us, ensuring that your staff or passengers can use the water without fear of bacteria. Our systems are shock and vibration proof, easy to use, conform to railroad standards, compact, and microbiologically validated. In that way, you can trust our quality. From both the system and the water.

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