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(Utilities) buildings and data centers

(Utilities) buildings and data centers

When managing water quality in (utilities) buildings and datacenters, intensive water management is a core component. Demonstrably high quality UV systems are perfect for that.

(Utilities) buildings and datacenters

Water management

What is better than being welcomed into a pleasant ambience? A pleasant temperature, a splashing fountain, no matter what building, that kind of entrance feels nice. Without you knowing, there is quite a bit of water management for this type of thing behind the scenes.
Public, utility, and service buildings all need to keep an eye on drinking water, bath and shower water, air-conditioning, swimming facilities, or fountains. Even in datacenters, the key to reliable cooling of the servers is water.

Microbiological management

To ensure staff and visitor safety, all these water applications have to be microbiologically sound. It must be measured, samples must be taken, and the quality has to be reported. We developed L-Safe UV systems specifically for this utility. These are specifically aimed at fighting legionella and disinfection of water at the point of entry.

Demonstrable quality

Our L-Safe series is BRL-1410-1 certified, reliable thanks to proof of quality (demonstrated), and has striking low energy and maintenance costs. That is how we combine reliable water quality management with a low cost.

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