Clean sewage water for Vietnamese metropolis

The use of UV systems for the disinfection of more than 1000 m³ of water per hour

The Netherlands and Vietnam worked closely together to build a brand-new sewage treatment plant in Ho Chi Minh City. Van Remmen UV Technology provided sustainable UV systems for the disinfection of more than 1000 m³ of water per hour.

Fast development

The Binh Duong province in Vietnam is rapidly developing. The economy, population and cities are growing. To enable this economic and demographic growth in a healthy way, the Vietnamese government sought a sustainable way to collect and treat sewage water. They joined forces with Dutch companies, with decades of experience in (sustainable) sewage treatment. One of those companies was Van Remmen UV Technology.

Large-scale project

Van Remmen installed five UV disinfection systems that together disinfect more than 1000 m³ of water per hour, which is more than a competition-sized swimming pool. Closed UV systems were chosen instead of traditional open channel UV systems. In a closed system, wastewater flows at a controlled speed past optimally adjusted UV lamps, so that every microbiological contamination in the water (such as viruses and bacteria) is killed. And exactly the right amount of energy is used to achieve the best result. Not more, not less.

The results

With the installation of the five UV disinfection systems, Van Remmen UV Technology disinfects the water of more than 145,000 people and more than 600 businesses in the Di An region of Ho Chi Minh City, making it safe to be discharged into surface water. This reduces the risk of harmful or sometimes dangerous bacteria and viruses spreading in Vietnamese rivers and other waters. In addition, we offer the sewage treatment plant reliable technology that guarantees good results and minimal energy consumption.




Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City


Clean sewage water for Vietnamese metropolis