Food & pharmaceutical industry

Safely disinfect all products

In the production of food, drinks, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, the hygiene of the products is very important. The processes in place to make these products involve a high risk of contamination. Powerful disinfection processes are essential to ensure product reliability. Using UV-C disinfection systems throughout the production process can guarantee safety and hygiene. Our versatile installations disinfect the products, the water, the packaging material, the production equipment and the transport systems without the use of chemicals.


With our smart innovations for reusing polluted water, we are on our way to closing the circle of water in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Safe and friendly

Our powerful UV-C systems disinfect, thereby offering the certainty of a reliable product. The high-quality systems are tailored to the user, making them user-friendly, low-maintenance and energy-efficient. Thanks to our validation, you always know exactly how the system is performing. Combined with other technologies, we can also upgrade waste water to water of reusable quality by using advanced oxidation processes. This is how we provide and maintain clean and safe water for everyone.

To enable us to offer integrated solutions in the water supply chain, we are always looking for partners with whom to join forces. Are you interested in collaborating, or do you have questions about water disinfection in the food or pharmaceutical industry? Please feel free to contact us.