Transmittance meter

Used to determine the exact UV-C transmittance in water and other liquids


It is easy to see if a liquid is cloudy, but the exact transmittance is impossible to determine with the naked eye. To be able to measure the exact light permeability of the water (transmittance), we have various transmittance meters in our range.

The right transmittance

It is very important to determine the correct transmittance. This largely determines the design of a UV-C system. We offer RealTech meters for determining the transmittance.

The various transmittance meters

UVT Portable P- series
Portable meters to test the transmittance in water samples within minutes.

UVT Online M- series
For constant monitoring, the UVT Online M-series is the ideal solution. The meters provide continuous monitoring of the transmittance value.

Spectrum meters
The spectrum meters offer a solution for determining the TOC over the entire spectrum of UV and/or visible light. Real-time measurements for rapid detection of many known (and lesser-known) contaminants. A practical but affordable analysis of the transmittance value of your water flow.

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