(Utility) buildings & data centres

Managing water quality in buildings

Whichever building you enter, a nice entrance and a pleasant temperature work wonders. Behind the scenes, this requires intensive water management that guarantees the quality of the water. Public (utility) buildings have to take into account their swimming and shower facilities, drinking water and air conditioning, and water even plays a key role in data centres, where it is used to cool the servers. Our high-quality UV-C disinfection systems offer you the best technological support for your water management system.


Our BRL-14010-1 certified UV systems offer you the assurance of a powerful disinfection process.

Legionella prevention

The water must be measured for all water applications in buildings, samples must be taken and the quality of the water must be reported. The Legionella Safe Dual series was developed especially for buildings and data centres to help prevent legionella. Our BRL-14010-1 certified systems are aimed at combating legionella and disinfection at the intake point. We combine efficient water usage and reliable water management systems.

To enable us to offer integrated solutions in the water supply chain, we are always looking for partners with whom to join forces. Are you interested in collaborating, or would you like to know more about the UV-C disinfection options for buildings?  Please feel free to contact us.

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