Rolling Stock-series

The solution for disinfecting water intended for transport and storage


In the transport sector, water is usually stored for an extended period of time in storage tanks or buffers. Because the water is stagnant, the water is at great risk of becoming contaminated. The Rolling Stock series disinfects water intended for transport and storage shortly before use. This is how we guarantee microbiologically safe and clean drinking water on the road. The Rolling Stock series meets market standards including shock and vibration resistance and the use of special cables.

General features:

– Reliable, effective disinfection
– Low-maintenance
– User-friendly
– Energy-efficient, due to flow management system
– Long service life and high efficiency due to the use of low-pressure lamps

Technical features

– Microbiologically validated according to NEN-EN14897
– Tested for Shock and vibration requirements according to EN50155 EMC EN61373
– Use of Low smoke-cables

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