Advanox is the advanced oxidation solution (AOP) made by Van Remmen UV Technology. Advanox combines UV-C light with hydrogen peroxide to effectively break down micropollutants.

Advanced oxidation processes

In collaboration with research and engineering partners, we have developed advanced oxidation to complement UV-C disinfection. A powerful technology combining UV-C light with hydrogen peroxide or ozone. Advanced oxidation is capable of breaking down highly polluting micropollutants such as crop pesticides, medicine residues and organic substances (TOC). This enables Van Remmen UV Technology to always give you optimal results and solve your problem.


Advanced oxidation processes are used, for example, to break down pesticides in drainage water from greenhouse farming, pharmaceutical residues in wastewater or in water that is processed into drinking water, and to break down organic substances (TOC) in process water, wastewater or ultrapure water. Advanced oxidation purifies water and does not create ‘disinfection by-products’ like chlorine does.

Application areas

Collaboration with  Nouryon

Van Remmen UV Technology and Nouryon work together and combine their fields of expertise in the fight against pharmaceutical residues and other micropollutants in our wastewater. In this effective process we work with a combination of UV-C treatment processes Advanox™ and MicrOx™ hydrogen peroxide (H²O²).

The process was tested in the summer of 2019 at the Växjö wastewater treatment plant in Sweden for the removal of pharmaceutical residues.

Our partners


Removal of antibiotics and pharmaceutical residues in water

“We must act now to prevent millions of deaths”

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ADVANOX™ This is how it works

Waste water from households, hospitals and the industrial sector is discharged into the sewage system or the environment.

If this water is treated, many of the (micro)pollutants are not removed and can even become resistant to the biology used. As a result, we see an increase in these compounds in the environment, as well as increased resistance to them in pathogens.

Advanox purifies the water, kills resistant organisms and removes pharmaceutical residues, pesticides and other high-risk substances.

Now the water can be discharged freely and safely, because (micro)pollutants are removed, without ecological consequences for sustainable business operations and the water cycle.