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Advanox is the advanced oxidation solution (AOP) by Van Remmen UV Technology. Advanox combines UV-C light with hydrogen peroxide to destroy persistants micropollutants and pharmaceuticals effectively.

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Product specifications

Antibiotic resistance

The World Health Organisation predicts antibiotic resistance is “one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and developement today”. This is caused by the large amounts of medicines and other persistent micropollutants we use, but also flush away with our wastewater. Not just medicines but also other compounds get into our water cycle that have detrimental effects on our environment. Endocrine disruptors cause gender dysmorphic in aquatic species, pesticides damage ecological diversity and health, persistent industrial compounds can cause cancer. These, and many other examples, paint a clear picture; we need to remove these micropollutants from our water. The goods news is that we have the perfect solution.

The solution: Advanox™

To offer you the solution, Van Remmen UV Technology have developed a technology: Advanox™. This concept lets UV-C light and hydrogen peroxide react with each other in a closed reactor. The reactor has been designed to provide an optimal water flow and great flexibility that achieves great benefits for UV-C application, specifically aimed at oxidation. Powerful radicals are formed that break down pharmaceuticals in wastewater. This technology gives you al the tools to remove pharmaceuticals, but also other persistent micropollutants, up to and above 90% . It’s flexible enough that lower removal efficiencies of 60-80% can easily be reached too with a direct positive effect on treatment cost, you can even set it yourself to flexibly scale with whatever demand your system has any minute. In addition, the process is faster, has a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and safer than the classic approach.

How it works

A small amount of hydrogen peroxide is added to the wastewater. Next the water is led through the Advanox™ UV-C reactor. In the reactor, the UV-C light splits the hydrogen peroxide into hydroxyl radicals. These powerful radicals oxidize all micropolluntants they can find, a process that only takes milliseconds. The reaction transforms the pharmaceuticals to the less harmful and more biodegradable products. At full mineralisation these products are mainly water and CO2 gas.

Many problems, one solution

Besides pharmaceuticals the Advanox™ technology has also proven itself in many other fields. For the removal of pesticides from greenhouse discharge water. For the removal of cyanide from industrial wastewater. For the polishing of drinking water and the decolouration of proces water. We have a strong and flexible team waiting to see what solution they have for your challenges. Ask them, if you want to know more. 

Micropollutants removal from wastewater

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