The ideal choice for water disinfection for drinking water quality standards


Our Certified series supplies water with a transmission of approx. 80% to 99% of the quality of drinking water. All systems in this series have undergone an extensive certification process in order to guarantee these standards. Capacities of approximately 3.6m3/h up to and including 134m3/h can be treated at a dose of 400J/m2. However, this does depend on the transmission. By linking the measured UV intensity to the measured flow, the systems in this series determine the desired UV dose. If the UV dose does not meet the requirements, the process can be adjusted. If these adjustments cause the flow to be incorrect, the water flow will shut off. Not a single drop passes the system without the required UV dose.

General features:

– Reliable, effective disinfection
– Low-maintenance
– User-friendly
– Energy-efficient, due to flow management system
– Long service life and high efficiency due to the use of low-pressure lamps

Technical features

– Certified according to CEN EN 14897:2006 and NIPH (Norwegian Institute of Public Health)
– KIWA ATA water mark certification
– Controls intensity by UV sensor
– Real-time dose monitoring (only in combination with an existing flow meter)

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