Clean and safe drinking water at events, worldwide

Van Remmen UV Technology assists MTD with 150 UV systems at events and festivals


It is no longer a given that there is sufficient drinking water at events and festivals. Not only around the equator but also in Europe, the US, and Australia. Even in water-rich countries like the Netherlands, water stress is becoming more common. Our partner MTD globally provides approximately 1500 temporary water installations at events and festivals, ranging from small to very large installations. They cater to Dutch festivals like Lowlands or Zwarte Cross, as well as the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Soundstorm in Saudi Arabia, Burning Man in Nevada, or the Olympic Games in Paris. These water installations ensure demonstrably clean and safe drinking water for all attendees from the very beginning.

MTD facilitates sustainable water management to ensure sufficient safe water is available for everyone in the future. MTD’s ultimate goal is 100% water recycling. Therefore, they are working on innovative solutions to locally filter and reuse wastewater in all the remote locations they operate.

Question to Van Remmen

At many events and festivals, drinking water is delivered in large trucks, which MTD temporarily stores. If necessary, MTD wants to implement an additional purification step to meet their standards of clean and safe drinking water. They seek a reliable link that consistently and demonstrably guarantees the best quality drinking water, no matter the location.

Our solution

The solution was Van Remmen UV Technology’s V-series UV systems. These rapidly deployable systems provide the assurance MTD was looking for. The V-series is validated to offer demonstrably optimal disinfection. Additionally, the UV systems feature a robust design and user-friendly operation, making them easy to transport, install, and operate. This is crucial for temporary events where every drop of drinking water must be reliable from the very beginning.

The results

Our UV systems provide the additional purification barrier that MTD was seeking for their drinking water supply. This has resulted in MTD now using over 150 V-series systems. Thanks to Van Remmen’s solutions, MTD can guarantee safe and clean drinking water anywhere in the world.

Customer quote

Rob van Veen, Business Development Manager Sustainability “Van Remmen UV Technology offers the assurance of quality products, technological expertise, and a high level of service. This makes them a crucial partner for us in providing safe drinking water for hundreds of events. They are also a partner with whom we can explore how to make temporary water facilities as circular as possible.”



Clean and safe drinking water at events