Advanced oxidation

This convincing, purifying technology effectively breaks down highly resistant micropollutants. A powerful addition to our UV-C disinfection systems.

An innovative addition to UV-C disinfection

Advanced oxidation (AOP) is a smart technology that combines UV-C light with hydrogen peroxide to break down highly resistant forms of micropollutants. The powerful systems reduce the amount of TOC (organic substances), cyanide, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues and crop-protection chemicals in the water. Unlike other oxidation techniques, our advanced oxidation with UV-C does not produce by-products such as bromate, AOX or NDMA.

We can set up our powerful oxidation system in such a way that it produces optimal results when dealing with highly resistant micropollutants.

This is how it works

  1. Waste water from households, hospitals and the industrial sector is discharged into the sewer or the environment.
  2. This waste water is purified, but due to persistent contamination, many microorganisms are not broken down. This increases environmental pollution.
  3. Our powerful advanced oxidation removes the remaining micropollutants that are left behind after the biological purification of the water.
  4. Water can be discharged freely and safely without having a negative ecological impact on the water cycle.

Powerful customised solutions

Advanced oxidation is used, among other things, to break down crop protection chemicals in the drainage water in greenhouse farming, as well as pharmaceutical residues in waste water or organic substances in process water. In collaboration with research and engineering partners, we are working to broaden and improve our advanced oxidation solutions. We can set the oxidation system in such a way that it produces optimal results when solving your water-related issue.

Want to stay on top of our latest developments in advanced oxidation, or are you interested in working with us? Please do not hesitate to contact us.