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Van Remmen UV Technology

Van Remmen UV Technology is the supplier of Europe’s most sustainable UV disinfection systems. A unique approach and great passion for what we do is the power of our company. We look ahead and think in solutions. We test and validate our UV equipment with micro organisms, to be sure that our systems do what they are supposed to. Sustainability has a high priority within our company. Based on this core belief, we develop the most energy efficient systems in the business.

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About Van Remmen

Van Remmen UV Technology is the creator of the most sustainable UV disinfection systems in Europe. We stand for progress. We believe in sustainable disinfection processes and developed the technology that makes this possible. With passion for technology and the ambition to have a solution to every issue.
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Knowledge is the key to better products. That is why our Research and Development department works on employing and expanding our knowledge of UV technology every day. We’re happy to explain what that means exactly.

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