UV-C technology for usable water

We are Van Remmen UV Technology, the supplier of clean solutions for the use, reuse and recycling of water. We do this with the help of reliable UV-C technology. We offer advanced oxidation processes in addition to our powerful disinfection technology. Due to our unique design and use of low-pressure lamps, both technologies represent the most energy-efficient pieces of equipment in their segment. Together, we keep water clean and safe for people, the market and society.

Application areas

Drinking water

Clean and safe drinking water, accessible to everyone

Agricultural sector, greenhouse horticulture and fish farming

Grow purified products with a reliable water irrigation system

Swimming pools & recreation

Water treatment in swimming pools for leisure, fun or sports

Process water, water reuse & water conservation

Industrial water treatment for process manufacturing

Maritime & Offshore

Safe waste water treatment at sea

Food & pharmaceutical industry

Safely disinfect all products

(Utility) buildings & data centres

Managing water quality in buildings

Transport & storage

Ensuring the quality of water for transport services

For more than 20 years we have been working together to develop smart technological solutions for all types of water-related challenges.

Water is precious to everyone

There is no life without clean water. We and nature depend on it. We believe that when we are more aware of the value of water, we will also use it better. At Van Remmen UV Technology we strive for a world where, not only do we clean polluted water again, but we also keep clean water clean. This way, water remains accessible and of value to everyone.


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Knowledge Centre

Knowledge is the key to better products and more sustainable solutions. We are driven to make UV-C technology more accessible to everyone by sharing this knowledge and optimising our products.

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