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Van Remmen UV Technology

Van Remmen UV Technology is the supplier of Europe’s most sustainable UV disinfection systems. A unique approach and great passion for what we do is the power of our company. We look ahead and think in solutions. We test and validate our UV equipment with micro organisms, to be sure that our systems do what they are supposed to. Sustainability has a high priority within our company. Based on this core belief, we develop the most energy efficient systems in the business.

Application areas

(Utilities) buildings and data centers

When managing water quality in (utilities) buildings and datacenters, intensive water management is a core component. Demonstrably high quality UV systems are perfect for that.

Agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture

UV disinfection is the most sustainable way to produce pure, clean products efficiently. Perfect for (fish) farmers of all kinds!

Food and pharmaceutical industries

For food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, reliability and hygiene are crucial. You want safe products that last long and are produced efficiently. We have developed disinfection systems to cover all applications in the entire production process.

Maritime and Offshore

So much water around you, but regrettably it is not the right quality. The Maritime and Offshore requires very specific UV solutions for reliable drinking water, safe waste water, and disinfected swimming water.

Potable water

Everyone should be able to rely on completely safe potable water. Our UV systems ensure a hygienic purification process resulting in potable water.

Process water, water recycling- and saving

The costs for water purification and water emissions are rising continuously for industrial companies. At the same time, quality requirements are becoming stricter and stricter. Van Remmen UV Technology enables industries to use water safely and smartly with its custom-made UV solutions.

Swimming pools & recreation

When you think of recreation, water is one of the first things to come to mind. Nothing is more relaxing than floating around in water. Ensuring that this water is of optimal quality, however, requires proper control and management. Our systems help with that.

Transport & storage

Water from the tap is potable and usable. At least, that's what we're used to. However, that is much less common with transport and longer storage. With specialised UV systems, clean water becomes an option for mobile situations too.

Case: AOP – Cyanide removal

Cyanide removal as an alternative to classic wet chemical water treatment

Case: AOP – Removal of benzidine from groundwater

Benzidine removal from groundwater

Case: AOP – Removal of pharmaceuticals | Drinking water

Removal of pharmaceuticals from drinking water

Case: AOP – Removal of pharmaceuticals | Waste water

Removal of pharmaceuticals from waste water treatment plant

Case: AOP – Removal of pharmaceuticals and mico-pollutants | Several water flows

Removal of pharmaceuticals and micropollutants from several water flows

About Van Remmen

Van Remmen UV Technology is the creator of the most sustainable UV disinfection systems in Europe. We stand for progress. We believe in sustainable disinfection processes and developed the technology that makes this possible. With passion for technology and the ambition to have a solution to every issue.
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Knowledge centre

Knowledge is the key to better products. That is why our Research and Development department works on employing and expanding our knowledge of UV technology every day. We’re happy to explain what that means exactly.

Product series

Label for Advanox™

Advanox is the advanced oxidation solution (AOP) by Van Remmen UV Technology. Advanox combines UV-C light with hydrogen peroxide to destroy persistants micropollutants and pharmaceuticals effectively.

Label for Agri series
Agri series

The Agri series was designed to support the irrigation industry with disinfecting irrigation water.

Label for Certified series
Certified series

The Certified series is developed to provide solutions in case certificates are required.

Label for Custom / OEM
Custom / OEM

For problems that don't have solutions just yet, we will work together with our clients to find a fitting disinfection method.

Label for Legionella-Safe series
Legionella-Safe series

The Legionella-Safe series is the user-friendly guardian in legionella management.

Label for Low Transmittance series
Low Transmittance series

The Low Transmittance series disinfects liquids with an extremely low transmittance.

Label for Process series
Process series

The Process series is an all-round system and useful for a wide array of applications

Label for Rolling Stock series
Rolling Stock series

The Rolling Stock series disinfects potable water on trains.
Surface Disinfection series

Label for Surface Disinfection series
Surface Disinfection series

The Surface Disinfection system disinfects surfaces for products, packaging, and conveyor belts.

Label for Swimming pool Intelligent series
Swimming pool Intelligent series

The Swimming pool Intelligent series is specially designed for the disinfection of swimming pool water for public pools.

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